Gareth has been photographing semi-professionally for years, before becoming full-time in 2019. Together with Erin, his daughter, O'Neill Digital Media has been created. What is it? Primarily we are photographers, but as with everything nowadays, the focus is digital (although I still have my darkroom equipment in the attic!). It may be digital equipment but our experience with light and shade, our eye for detail, and the manner in which the footage is recorded all need to come together if the perfect shot is to be captured. Digital editing and design skills are essential, and, thankfully, we are good at that too! 
We are a small company. We don't have lots of corporate clients. What we do have is time for you; a personalised service that listens and responds to what you want. Let us work together to create your vision. 
Whether it be your Perfect Day, to social media videos, to a behind the scenes tour, or product photography, we can help.
We are based in Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire, but are happy to travel.
About Gareth: I made a darkroom in my basement when I was 15, and have been hooked on photography and editing ever since. I have worked as a nurse for most of my life, and now bring my calm and professional people-skills to any job (and the knowledge of how to perform CPR!).
About Erin: I took photography and graphic design A-levels (two A*s) and now work as a photographer and graphic designer. I love my job. I bring my digital skills, youthful knowledge, and energy to ODM.